When we let down the guard of what is “supposed” to be, we open the gates to possibilities we could not have imagined. When we stop seeking permission from somewhere outside ourselves to be our highest and best and choose instead to listen to the soul voice within, we become our highest and best. When we stop worrying about doing it right or if anybody is going to like what we do, we can soar.

Listen to your soul. Give yourself permission to live your dreams, trusting that Spirit will give you direction.

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  1. Was just free writing for a story and in my wandering off the page came across your post, which is basically the answer to the question my character has been asking herself all morning. Now I remembered where I was going and I can get back to work. Thank you Marsha!

    • My pleasure! As long as you love your work, I’m happy to have had a hand in getting you back to it! I’m going to look up your site!

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