About Marsha

When I signed up for this life, I had no idea the twists, turns and downright hairpins that would make up this journey. Life definitely has a force of its own that, on reflection, can not be controlled but merely surrendered to.


That force has taken me through a successful and richly fulfilling career in show business as an actor, singer, dancer, voiceover artist, writer, editor and producer. I have also taught acting and public speaking for groups as diverse as wannabe actors who’ve never held a script in their hands to accomplished theatre and television professionals.  Individuals and groups wanting to improve their presentation skills, from a well known NFL referee moving into motivational speaking to a group of California Supreme Court judges to hundreds of ladies performing with the internationally renowned choral group, the Sweet Adelines.


In an adjunct career, I guided and managed, along with my business partner, a highly successful acting school, Full Circle Productions in San Francisco, California for 11 years. During that time thousands of students came through our doors and impacted us at least, if not more than we impacted them. The honor of being part of their developing empowerment through creative self-expression is one of the great joys of my life.


Moving to New York City in 2005, in search of a yet another grand adventure, I have found all that I was seeking and nothing I expected. I signed up to see what is next…to surrender to that force I spoke of earlier and let life open up the next set of doors, windows and portals that will lead to my higher purpose.


Along that path I renewed my love affair with writing and have edited several books as well as completing my first play, When You Get There. One of my life goals is to help you Articulate Your Vision. To assist you in clarifying focus and fine-tuning your creative voice. A voice that holds the promise of not only fulfilling your own need to express but also of empowering others, the greatest gift of all!