Success…Right Here, Right Now!

In contemplating today, this first week of this New Year what I want from my life, the thought occurred to me…”I want a greater capacity to accept my Good.” And what does that mean, exactly? It means to me, the ability to take in my joy, to be grateful for all that I have and am. To accept my own Glory as an amazing, talented, loving, sensitive being. To honor my evolvement – the very evolution of wonder that God has given me.

I read today in Mary Morrissey’s book The Miracle Minute, about the spiritual law that says, “You can have anything you are willing to become.” And I thought, “What am I willing to become?” the answer came back, “I want to be successful.” And what does that demand of me, first and foremost? That I accept my success. That I am willing to, right here, right now, accept that I am success. That I am accomplished. That I am worthy.

If I want to know and experience success, I must know at the core of my being that I am success. Right here. Right now. Without fear. Without qualification. Without doubt. Without judgment. Without comparables. I am not a piece of property with features to be evaluated and rated. I am not worthy because God loves me. I am worthy because I am. As are you. As is he. As is she.

I am success, right here, right now. As I am. I am as accomplished and achieved as I believe myself to be. How much success can I hold? What is my capacity for success? Where is the magic pinnacle where I say, “This is success. I am success.” I say, it’s right here, right now. I am successful.

My capacity for Good is expanding to let in even more success. That is my prayer…that I may expand my capacity to accept my Good. That deep within me lives a knowing of my boundless abundance. That I am all I am meant to be…right here, right now. And when I truly accept that as the spiritual law of me, my world expands, my abundance overflows and I experience the success that God and I know is in me. Right here, right now!

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