Client Feedback

“Marsha’s skills as an editor turn good and average into amazing and spectacular!
She knows how to push you out of your comfort zone while possessing the perfect traits an extraordinary editor needs. She is patient, kind and warm BUT will NOT settle for anything but your absolute best!”
Naomi Ackerman
Founder Executive Director The Advot Project

“WOW! This is great! Thanks, you are awesome!”
Judge Pam Alexander
Retired District Court Judge
Exec Director, Minnesota Council on Crime & Justice

“You’ve honed my voice and kept it. That is a huge skill. I couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you for your guidance and artistry. I could not have done it without you.”
Tamara Archer
Founder and Creator of Moms Health Zone

“Marsha has worked on several projects of mine, both fiction and non-fiction. Her input and editing skills have added tremendous value to each one. I enjoy working with her because I know after she works her magic, my books are going to be a lot better than when I gave them to her.”
John Howard Swain
Director, Teacher, Writer



“I am reading what you sent and levitating off my seat. You write with such
passion, beauty and joy that it is one of the many reasons I wanted you to be
involved in my book. Please know how honored I am to be doing this together.”
Brenda Michaels, Conscious Talk Radio, Founder/Host
The Gift of Cancer…Awakening the Healer Within



Times Square Jumbotron
October 2012

“I am crying as I’m reading this. You have captured my story. Thank you so much.
I don’t have words to describe my gratitude. I’m speechless. This is perfect!”
Rose Pagonis
GDV Foundation, Founder & CEO

“You’re a brilliant writer. You made me all emotional. Thank you very,
very much for your patience. It has been a pleasure working with you.”
Cherie Mathews
Heal In Comfort, Inventor, Founder & CEO

“You make my light shine in words. Thank you for your support!”
Teresa Surya Ma McKee
Visionary, Certified Dream Coach, Integrative Synergy, LLC

“I love, love, love it… thank you so much.”
Bridgette Crull,
Uluckygirl, Design House, publicist

“I love your revisions!”
Jean Backus
The Naked Accountant, Carpenter & Langford, PC

“I feel blessed to have shared our story and have you bring it to life! Thank you for
your contribution to our lives.”
Leslie Belcher Huston, Shelley Harper