When You Say ‘Yes!’

Sometimes we travel through life thinking the struggle gives it meaning. Thinking the only truly worthy goodies come with tremendous effort, sacrifice and manipulation. But what if that isn’t so? What if that is just a story we sell ourselves to give our achievements more significance? To give ourselves more importance. To be the victor in the war of, Look how hard I had to work to achieve that. Or, Look at how much I had to give up to have this life.

I hear people talk about how hard marriage is. How difficult to share a life with another person always in your orbit. But what if it didn’t have to be that hard? What if we could hold the ‘challenges’ that come up in our partnership as the ‘opportunities’ they are for self-reflection? What if those challenges are the world’s way of saying, Yes, let’s look at this issue. Let’s look at this opportunity for personal growth.

People come into our lives loaded up with trigger points for us to access. Full of goodies for us to mine. Marriage, or any relationship for that matter, are microcosms of life. In-your-face invitations to deal with yourself. And we have the choice to say, ‘Yes’ to that invite or, ‘No, that party is not for me.’ But even if we choose not to go to the party, we must deal with the invite. Because if we don’t, we’ll keep getting invites to similar parties until we agree to show up and see what the fuss is all about.

Our ego wants us on this roller coaster. It wants us to think ‘life is hard and then you die.’ It wants us to think we have to fight and struggle and give up our ideals. It wants to remind us that if we do make it to the top of the mountain, remembering that so few do, that it was damn hard, so don’t try this at home!

But what if we only heard the world say, ‘yes?’ What if, no matter what a situation may appear to be, it is really the world saying, ‘yes?’ ‘Yes, this may sting for a minute. But take a look at it. It’s gonna help you!’  ‘Yes, this marriage isn’t going to work out, but take a look at it. It’s filled with goodies for your personal growth.’

My first marriage didn’t ‘work out.’ For years, I saw that as my failure. Now I know, the only failure would have been to stay in it.  It took me years and lots of painful ‘trigger research,’ but I got the goodies. I said yes to the hidden treasures. I have some war wounds but they’re healed now and I am grateful for the strength that Spirit showed me I have.

The world said yes. The world always says yes. If we listen, if we hear with our inner knowing. If we choose to process instead of fight. If we recognize there is flow, even through the rough patches, we will know to say, ‘yes.’ We will know that Spirit always has our best interests at heart. And when we align with that, when we see, hear and know the ‘yes’ in every aspect of life, the sound of it is deafening. The world is bursting to say yes. You first!

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