Where There Is Love


Yesterday, I did not know if I could sing. I was scheduled to sing at my church. Well, my Spiritual Center to be accurate. Unity of New York in Manhattan. It is a glorious place where all walks of life come together to celebrate, to laugh, to cry, to be, to share, to radiate, and ultimately to remember. To remember who we are.

But yesterday I was scheduled to sing. I had previously chosen a “peppy” song as one of my selections.


Saturday night the musical director called me, “It doesn’t seem right in light of what’s happened this week.”


 “Yes.” I agreed.


 So, I chose something else. I chose Climb Every Mountain. It seemed right. It seemed hopeful. 


 But as our minister, Paul Tenaglia read from the stage the names of the 20 children and 6 educators who had been gunned down, I didn’t think I would be able to sing.  I checked in with my mind and she wasn’t sure we could do it.


 So, I checked in with Spirit and she said, “Yes, there is love and power here.”


 So, I sang. Held together by some unseen force. And it occurred to me, there are some things the mind should not be consulted about. Some things over which the mind has no say, no frame of reference. Sometimes the mind is better left out of things. Don’t let your mind try to figure out if you can “sing.” Sing from your heart. There is love and power there.








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